Wednesday, August 7, 2013

SharePoint 2013 Workflow

The concept of Workflow in SharePoint 2013 is changed a whole lot.

The three thing which you need to take care while configuring the workflow to run on SharePoint 2013 is that

  1. Workflow Manager 1.0
  2. Workflow client 1.0
  3. Workflow Manager Tool for Visual 2012
  4. Developer Tools for Visual studio.

As the Workflow does not run inside the share point  you can install Workflow Manager 1.0  on different server or on same server where share point is hosted ..You can follow the MSDN link below to install and configure the Workflow Manager 1.0.

Workflow client 1.0 - This has to be installed on all the sharepoint server (Web fornt end,App).This has API which communicates with the Workflow Manager.

Workflow Manager Tool for Visual 2012 - This has to be installed on the server where you create Visual studio 2013 SharePoint Workflow.Assuming that VS2012 is already installed .
2013 Sharepoint WF template is named as "Workflow"  in VS the "sequential and state machine" template is legacy now and it is not used in SharePoint 2013.

Developer Tools for Visual studio- Is to be installed on server where the Visual studio 2012 is installed.This provide new activities in Tool Box of VS12.

Along with this when you try to install the WorkflowManager through webPlatform installer .
Service Bus and cummunlative updates will be installed automatically.If you are installing it manually you need to install all the updates and Service bus.

Even after having all this there will be few problem with sending mails from VS12 WF.To overcome the issue You need to Install the MARCH-PU sharepoint 2013 updated and configure the same.

Plese follow the below link to install and configure it

After all these are done you also need
  • App Management Service to be running
  • User Profile Service to be running
  • User Profile Sync Service to be running
Only then your WF runs without any problem :)

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