Wednesday, October 9, 2013

SharePoint 2013 "Developer Dashboard" configuration and usage

Enabling the SharePoint 2013 "Developer Dashboard" is quite simple
There is no difference between the 2010 version and 2013 version of SharePoint

Below are the steps to enable it.

  • Log on to server where the SharePoint is Installed
  • Open  SharePoint Management Shell
  • Use the below code

 $devDash = [Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPWebService]::ContentService
 $devDashSetting = $devDash.DeveloperDashboardSettings
 $devDashSetting.DisplayLevel = "On"

The only difference between the SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 is that there is only two state now
  1. "On"
  2. "Off"

In SharePoint 2010 you had a state name "OnDemand" too which is deprecated in this version
After execution of this command you can open any off your SharePoint site in the farm .You will see a link at the right top corner in the master page.

Click on the link It may not work sometime !!
The reason behind it is your farm may not  have the "Usage and Health Data Collection Service Application"

Create a new 
"Usage and Health Data Collection Service Application" through central Admin site or through
In Sharepoint 2013 the data in Developer tool is synced with Usage and heath data collection Service database.Hence this service application should be up and running to use the Developer DashBoard

Now come back to the site.Click on the  developer Dashboard Link.
You can notice that a seperate window is getting opened  this is nothing but your new Developer DashBoard

Advantage of this is that this console is not integrated with in the site as in SharePoint 2010 did,hence by reducing the time delay to open the page.You also see that this has many more options like
  • Better UI
  • Better segregation of data
  • ULS viewer-You may use this to check logs rather than separately relying on other ULS viewers
  • You can also have a better refined way look at each methods and query hit to the database.

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